Feebe boarding ladders

Safe boarding from quay or tender.

To bridge the gap between the dock or jetty and the deck of your yacht, Feebe has developed a special boarding ladder. The boarding ladder is built into the yacht’s bulwark or below deck. This hydraulic folding ladder, whose steps remain in horizontal position throughout the lifting operation, offers comfortable boarding and deboarding. But the boarding ladder is also useful for recreational activities. Such as when the vessel is anchored, for fishing or swimming, as well as for boarding a tender. The boarding ladder is also handy when mooring at docks and riverbanks without special jetties.

Operation and designs of luxury boarding ladders

Feebe boarding ladders are controlled from a special panel. It is also possible to operate the ladder remotely. The boarding ladder can be designed with a top and bottom platform integrated into the system. The bottom platform, fitted with a swimming ladder, can also serve as a swimming platform. Just like the steps, the bottom platform remains horizontal at all times while the ladder is raised. The structure is made from stainless steel or composite and, if desired, can be delivered plastered and painted in the style of the yacht.

Railing and location

The stainless steel railing can be supplied in a removable version, as well as an automatically folding system. The location of the ladder depends on the floor plan and the client’s desires. Installation is possible on the side(s) and above and below deck. The size, design and number of steps are tailored to the client’s needs.

Further information on boarding ladders by Feebe

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