Feebe Boarding Equipment pool-top stages

A beautiful cover for your jacuzzi or spa that also functions as a podium.

You won’t often hear us say: “No…, we can’t do that.” This mindset led Feebe to design a secure platform for a spa or jacuzzi. Aside from serving as a cover to keep guests or children from falling into the spa or pool, the pool top doubles as a raised dance floor or stage. The possibilities with our pool-top stages are endless.

Always a special design, that suits the surroundings

Our pool-top stages are specially designed to blend seamlessly into the surroundings of the spa or jacuzzi. The structure may be made from high-gloss polished stainless steel or alternative materials. The design is lightweight, simple to install and easy to stow away. The floor design is a transparent sandwich panel. This creates an elegant scattering effect from the pool or jacuzzi lighting below the platform. The impression is spectacular.

Further information on pool-top stages by Feebe Boarding Equipment

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