1 December this year, Neno de Boer worked at Feebe for five years. In 2014 Neno started at Feebe as a Project Engineer. At the time he was the first colleague of Feebe-owner Philippus Feenstra. Philippus already had several projects running simultaneously and Feebe needed extra management to supervise and engineer the projects.

From his first day on, Neno has brought structure to the projects, catalogued the technical drawings and the optimized the communication around the projects. In the five years that he has been working at Feebe, the company has grown very fast, which is why he has now grown to the position of Lead Engineer. In this position, he is responsible for the engineering and supervision of our two project engineers.

Neno is an enthusiastic, analytical and committed colleague. We hope that we can enjoy his qualities and humor for a long time to come. Thank you and we are looking forward to the next five years!